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Free Sexy Audio from Goddess Hannah

AIM: PleaseUrGoddess
Yahoo IM: PleaseUrMistress
Phone: 888-737-8318

Experience the exotic and erotic  voice of Goddess Hannah.  Goddess Hannah is also a hypno domme for those of you who would like a more intense phone sex experience.  You can make an appointment with Goddess Hannah by contacting her at the email address above.  If you’re not into hypnosis that’s ok too.  Goddess Hannah will tease that erection and guide your masturbation techniques beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.

Free Cock Training Audio from Mistress Cecilia

AIM: MsCecilia05
Yahoo IM: mistress_cecilia_dominates
Phone: 888-737-8345

Mistress Cecilia is going to take that cock of yours and whip it into shape, so to speak.  Listen to her erotic audio here and check out her blog.  Mistress Cecilia is a phone sex Mistress and she will train your cock and your masturbation habits.

Free Sex Audio – Mistress Ryan

Here is a taste of Sensory Deprivation from our gorgeous Mistress Ryan!

Sensory Deprivation

You can read more about Mistress Ryan and her special phone fetishes and kinks on her blog:

You can also call Mistress Ryan at 800-356-6169