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A Free Chastity Audio from Mistress Cassandra

AIM: MAlwaysWins
Yahoo IM: Mistress_Always_Wins
Phone: 800-730-7164


Mistress Cassandra loves to make the boys beg and whine.  She has many games she likes to play with a man’s cock and balls.  Chastity is a special gift you can give Mistress Cassandra.  If you are the type to venture into the world of orgasm denial, you’ll want to try a phone sex session with Mistress Cassandra!

A Free Phone Sex Audio from Princess Heather

Princess Heather wants to answer the question that you all seem to ask quite often, “what does a princess want?”  You may be surprised to find out what a phone sex princess like Heather wants from a boy like you.  Do you think you have what it takes to make this sexy princess happy?  Listen and find out!

Yahoo IM: beg_for_princess_heather
Phone: 800-356-6169

Princess Heather also has a live radio show every Monday and Friday night on the only adult internet radio station dedicated to your masturbation, Cock Radio.

A Free Feminizing Sissy Audio from Mistress Courtney

Mistress Courtney understands the sissy mentality.  She knows what gets your panties damp and she’s here to tell you one of the things she’s discovered about you.  You are a sissy, aren’t you?  Listen to her feminization audio.

Yahoo IM: mscourtney_controlsyou
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Free Humiliation Audio from Empress Lauren

Empress Lauren enjoys humiliation in many forms but in this audio she likes to discuss public humiliation in particular.  You can conact Empress Lauren here:

Yahoo IM: empress.lauren
Phone: 800-356-6169

Empress Lauren also has a radio show on the all adult radio, Cock Radio.  You can tune in to her show every Thursday evening from 8PM to 9PM Eastern right here on the web!  In addition to humiliation, Empress Lauren enjoys cuckold fantasies and anything involving complete control of your masturbation habits, including roleplay phone fantasiesEmail: