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The Ex Wife Tease by Mistress Tia

Your ex wife…she was so hot.  Certain things she did drove you insane, didn’t they?  She loves making your miserable, making you beg and plead with her.  She’s a true cocktease

Listen as the Masturbation Mistress, Mistress Tia, tells you the story of your mean cruel bitch of an ex wife.  You’ll be stroking that erection and reaching for the phone, believe me.

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A Free Cuckold Phone Sex Audio from Mistress Molly

Mistress Molly has an idea for you, you little cuckold.  A cuckysitter!  Listen to this perky little cuckoldress tell you why you need a cuckysitter and more.  She’s so cute, isn’t she? 

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I know, you think she couldn’t possibly be a cocktease, but believe me, Ms Molly is one of the best phone sex dominas around.  Do you long to be cuckolded by a young princess who only cares about herself?  Then, you’ve come to the right place.

A Free Femdom Audio from Domina Amanda

Domina Amanda is a demanding phone mistress.  You never quite know which way she will turn, but the journey is fantastic.  Amanda can turn you into a cocksucking slut very easily.  Just listen to this forced cocksucking audio.  She wants to make you her little forced bi slut.  Indulge in the fantasy with Domina Amanda, you’ll be glad you did! 

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