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A Free Adult Audio Podcast from Mistress Cecilia

Mistress Cecilia is sweet, sensuous and merciless.  She can be a teasing and tormenting mistress or she can be the mistress of your nightmares.

Mistress Cecilia enjoys chastity  and orgasm denial.  If you’d like to be part of her chastity training program, pick up the phone.  You won’t be sorry.

AIM: MsCecilia05
Yahoo IM: mistress_cecilia_dominates
Phone: 888-737-8345

A Free Adult Audio Podcast from Domina Amanda

Domina Amanda is a strict and demanding Mistress.  She enjoys seeing your suffer and hearing your whining.  She also enjoys it when you stroke for her, masturbating endlessly at her demand.

If you want to be controlled by Domina Amanda, give her a call.  She’ll be more than happy to make your cock her own.

Yahoo IM: DominaAmanda
Phone: 800-356-6169

A Free Adult Audio from Mistress Trish

Mistress Trish is the queen of femdom, the ultimate in phone sex experiences.  She knows your deepest darkest secrets, the ones you try to keep hidden.  She knows you secretly long to lick your sticky fingers after a mind blowing orgasm, don’t you?  You want to taste it but you just haven’t gotten up the nerve. 

Well, Mistress Trish can help you with that and any other phone sex fantasy you might have.

AIM: TeasedByTrish
Yahoo IM: Pleasures_Denied
Phone: 877-482-2749