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A Free Adult Audio from Mistress Trish

Mistress Trish knows a lot about a man’s masturbation habits.  She knows how to tame his masturbation and guide it gently.  Goddess Trish also knows that you masturbate quite a bit, don’t you? 

For guided masturbation like you’ve never experienced before, call Ms Trish!


AIM: TeasedByTrish
Yahoo IM: Pleasures_Denied
Phone: 877-482-2749

A Free Adult Audio from Empress Constance

Are you lacking in the man department?  Have you always thought you come up a little, SHORT?  Listen as Empress Constance tells you how she will humiliate you and your small appendage. 


Believe her when she says she knows exactly what she’ll do with you, needle dick!


Yahoo IM: EmpressConstance
Phone: 800-356-6169







You can read Empress Constance’s blog here: Intelligent Femdom

A Free Adult Audion from Empress Simone

Get ready for Empress Simone, sissy.  Empress Simone is a seductive sensuous femdom with a very creative flair.  She loves to tease her sissies, as well any other boys.  Listen while she tells you of a forced bi fantasy.


Yahoo IM: The_Empress_Simone
Phone: 800-356-6169










You can read more about Empress Simone by going to her blog here: Kinky Phone Mistress 

Mistress Hunter’s Free Kinky Podcast

Mistress Hunter wants to know..are you a kinky freak?  What makes a kinky person or a fetish connossieur?  Mistress Hunter has a few questions for you to help you figure out if you are among the kinky people.  Be careful, you may be kinkier than you thought. 

Yahoo IM: EmpressHunter
Phone: 800-356-6169

Mistress Hunter can also be found live on Cock Radio on Friday nights for the Stroker’s Ball at 11PM Eastern as well as hosting a chat party in the all adult chat room every Wednesday night at 10PM Eastern.  Be sure to check her out!

A Free Adult Phone Sex Audio from Empress Violet

Mistress Violet is one of the newest additions to our wonderful group of phone sex femdoms.  Listen as she tells you about her fascination for fingers and all the things she dreams of doing with hers.  This audio fantasy is so hot you may have to turn on the air conditioning!


Whether it’s kinky roleplay or sensual domination, Empress Violet is the lady for you!

Yahoo IM: Empress.Violet
Phone: 800-356-6169