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A Free Adult Audio from Empress Constance

Empress Constance thinks you should step down further into humiliation, she thinks you should sink lower than you have in the past.  Instead of being forced to wear panties, she thinks you should be forced to wear a diaper.  After all, isn’t that what adult babies do? 

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A Fee Adult Audio from Empress Lauren

Are you a sissy fag?  Empress Lauren has a special way of training first time sissy fags.  Empress Lauren is a phone sex femdom with a special soft spot for feminizing boys

Do you need to be put in panties and forced to suck a cock?  Call Ms Lauren.

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A Free Adult Audio from Empress Josephine

Femdom Mistress Josephine 800-601-6975Empress Josephine enjoys forced bi fantasies and weaving incredibly erotic stories.  Just imagine what it would be like to have a phone sex session with Empress Josephine.

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A Free Adult Audio From Princess Heather

Princess Heather believes that all males should be in some form of mistress controlled chastity.  This princess can and will take total control of your masturbation habits as well as own your cock and balls!

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A Free Adult Audio from Empress Hunter

Just listen to her sexy sultry voice and you can’t help but get drawn in by Empress Hunter.  Listen as she tells you the story of how “B” became Brenda.

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