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A Femdom Audio Fantasy from Empress Simone

Empress Simone is an accomplished storyteller and loves a good roleplay fantasy.  She enjoys a good teasing phone sex session just as much as you do. 

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Phone: 800-356-6169

Her newest slave learns very quickly in this audio that whatever Empress Simone wants, she gets.  If you have a forced bi fantasy or just want to be controlled by a sexy femdom, give Empress Simone a call.

A Free Cuckold Audio from Mistress Cecilia

Your hot wife Cecilia is looking so good tonight.  Are you wondering why?  Maybe it’s because she has a cuckold husband and she’s finally decided to come out and take a lover.  That’s right, cucky, Cecilia is in control of your cock now, along with the rest of your sex life. 

You know you haven’t lived up to her expectations and now she’s here to tell you about it.  Ms Cecilia has been a phone sex femdom for quite awhile.  So, if you have a kinky cuckold fantasy, give Ms Cecilia a call.

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A Free Femdom Audio from Empress Olivia

You have a special party to attend and it’s your first ballroom dance.  It’s been a feminization fantasy of yours for a long time to dance at the sissy cotillion. 

Empress Olivia is here to help you with everything from the gown and shoes to the makeup.  Mistress Olivia specializes in so much more than the ordinary phone sex.  Give her a call.

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A Free Kinky Phone Sex Audio from Princess Lilah

Princess Lilah knows all about those naughty older men who lust after her sweet princess body.  In fact, some of those older men are her friends’ daddies.  But, Princess Lilah is a bad girl and loves teasing the men to get what she wants.  After all, one look at her and you’ll agree, she’s sexy as sin. 

Princess Lilah loves kinky men and adores being a cute little cocktease.  If you would like to talk with this sexy young princess on the phone sex lines tonight, give her a call!

AIM: LittleBratLilah
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A Free Adult Audio from Empress Violet

What’s it like to be in chastity for a beautiful Mistress like Violet?  Do you long for a Mistress to keep your masturbation habits under lock and key?  Which key do you think Mistress Violet has that will lead to your eventual freedom? 

Maybe you should listen to this sexy femdom audio and find out.  You can also give Mistress Violet a call on the phone sex lines.  Just look for her online.

Yahoo IM: Empress.Violet
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