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A Free Kinky Sex Audio from Princess Grace

Princess Grace has been meeting you in an elevator from time to time.  In fact, she’s run into you so many times that by now you should know the routine.  She’s a sweet cocktease who loves torturing your cock and tempting men to bend to her will.  She coerces you into doing things in the elevator that you’ve only dreamed of doing. 

That’s why she’s the Princess, she always gets exactly what she wants.  For a phone sex call with Ms Grace, dial 800-356-6169.

A Free Adult Humiliation Audio from Princess Angelica

Princess Angelica has a secret, she’s a size queen.  So, if you have a puny prick, she doesn’t want your short tool.  She doesn’t play with boys who don’t measure up.  Do you measure up, or do you want to be humiliated for not quite making the grade? 

Do you have a small penis or do you have the equipment it takes to please Princess Angelica?  For a humiliation phone sex session with Princess Angelica…or a sexy steamy romp…give her a call.

A Free Humiliation Audio from Empress Constance

You have such a weakness for a great ass in a tight pair of jeans, don’t you?  Empress Constance has a pair of skin tight jeans on and she loves teasing you with them. 

You are a pathetic ass sniffer and that sexy ass in those tight jeans is driving you crazy.  Goddess Constance draws you closer, closer…well, maybe next time.

Yahoo IM: EmpressConstance
Phone: 800-356-6169

A New Teasing Audio from Ms Lauren

Empress Lauren received a beautiful package in the mail and she’s been longing to try those silky satin gloves on you!  Sit back and imagine as she strokes your cock to ecstacy over and over with her long silk opera gloves. 

Empress Lauren is an experienced cockteasing femdom who loves making men hard and listening to their breathless excitement.  If you’d like a phone sex session with Mistress Lauren, pick up the phone and dial.  She’s waiting for you.

Yahoo IM: empress.lauren
Phone: 800-356-6169