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A New Cum Eating Audio From Empress Lauren

Empress Lauren loves to make her little faggot strokers eat their own cum. Even if you’ve never had the inclination, Mistress Lauren can make you think about it and actually want to try it. Forced cum eating is one of her favorite ways to play with a boy. Forced bi is, after all, another form of sexual humiliation that many mistresses employ upon their slaves.

So, listen to Ms Lauren tell you all the ways you can become a cum sucking faggot for her. For your own humiliation phone sex fantasy with Empress Lauren, give her a call at 800-601-7259.

A Free Sexy Audio from Empress Sophia

Empress Sophia is testing out her new equipment. No, not that kind of equipment. But, if you want her to test a few things out on you, you can always call her on the phone sex lines.

I’m sure she’d be happy to give you a workout. In the meantime, listen as this sexy femdom teases you with her erotic voice.

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A New Small Penis Humiliation Audio from Empress Constance

It’s your wedding night and that awful secret you’ve been holding back is finally out in the open. Well, as out in the open as it can be anyway. Listen to your new wife, Constance, as she laughs at you and humiliates you for having such a small penis.

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A New Free Adult Sex Audio from Vampiress Cecilia

If the title is any indication, this is a blood curdling (pun intended) erotic audio from Mistress Cecilia. You thought you could go out, have some fun, and no one would be the wiser.

But, Goddess Cecilia somehow changed those plans and now you’re in a predicament you weren’t expecting at all. Listen as the femdom phone sex vampire tells you of your doom. For your own sexy phone sex session with Mistress Cecilia call 800-601-7259.