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A Free Spanking Audio from Empress Constance

You know you love that sound, the sound of skin on skin.  You love hard loud smack that sends shivers up your spine when a strong femdom mistress spanks your ass to the point of fire. 

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A Free Seduced Bisexual Audio from Empress Rayne

Come on, admit it, you fantasize about being seduced into sucking cock, don’t you?  That’s not the only thing you fantasize about, is it?  Do you have fantasies of a strong femdom using her will to make you surrender?  Do you dream of a mistress who uses her strap on with you and trains you to become the ass slut you’ve always dreamed of being? 

Well, listen to this audio, if you dare.   For your own erotic phone sex session with Mistress Rayne, call 800-601-7259.

Mistress Brianna Explains the Duties of Her Slaves - A Free Erotic Audio from Empress Brianna

Mistress Brianna wants all of her new slaves to know what is expected of a femdom mistress’s slave.  Here is the slave covenant, from Empress Brianna’s blog.  You will serve your mistress with reverance and devotion.  Mistress Brianna welcomes all new slaves, but be prepared to serve. 

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