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Mistress Harper Has Control of Your Cock - A Free Adult Audio

You have given up control of your cock.  Empress Harper now owns your cock and she will do with it as she pleases.  Whether you are in the need of guided masturbation, tease and denial, or complete cock control, Empress Harper knows exactly how to accomplish those goals. 

You know you want to give up control.  Give it up for this true femdom beauty.

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for an erotic phone sex session.
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Discreetly billed to your credit card
Must be 18+
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Worship Mistress Contance's Ass- A Free Erotic Audio

You know you love adoring your mistress’ ass, you love looking at it lovingly, you even dream of it.  But, it’s even better when your mistress’ ass is encased in a beautiful pair of skin tight jeans, isn’t it?  You can’t take your eyes off her ass. 

Ms Constance knows your weakness for a beautiful derriere and she uses that weakness to her advantage.  For your own erotic phone sex call with Empress Constance, dial 800-601-7259.

A Free CFNM fantasy from Empress Harper

It’s a fantasy involving power and control.  In the CFNM fantasy the superior femdom remains clothed and the naked male is humiliated by his nudity.  To be truly submissive you must give up all semblance of control. 

Empress Harper will take control of you, your mind, and your cock.  For your own erotic phone sex session with Empress Harper call 1-800-601-7259.