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Double Your Phone Sex Fun – 2 Mistresses for the Price of One!

LDW’s Pricktease Princess, Ms. Alyssa, is here to tell you about the latest promotion we’re offering here at LDW/Enchantrix. As if being one Mistress’ plaything wasn’t tantalizing enough, we’re offering you 10 minutes with two Mistresses for the price of one! If you’ve never placed a two girl phone sex call, now is the time to get hooked on having two Mistresses giggle in your ear. 🙂

Two Girl Calls with Ms. Alyssa

How to Place a 2 Girl Phone Sex Call

One Mistress is almost too much for some boys to handle, so the thought of Two Mistresses must have you throbbing as you ponder the possibilities. Don’t worry, just let our friendly dispatchers know you that you want to take advantage of this opportunity, and they’ll handle the rest. 😉 Ms. Alyssa gives you further details below.


Free Sexy Audio from Constance and Kaylee

This Sunday Constance and Kaylee are going to be doing two Mistress calls together from 1-4 pm, and then again from 6-9 pm eastern. Anyone who does a call with them both will receive a very hot cock tease audio that is over 10 minutes long!



Feel free to contact the ladies to set up a special appointment or to discuss what naughty things you would like to do during your hot two Mistress phone sex call with them.

*Note both ladies will be taking regular calls during these hours as well but to get the audio you have to do a 2 Mistress call with them*

Enjoy this sexy little tease clip from the audio you will receive for calling them………..remember this is just 2 minutes of an over 10 minutes sexy audio!