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Feminization Training with the Fabulous Ms. Delia

I know that you enjoy being feminine. As a man, day in and day out, you get those pangs of desire to feel feminine. I know you want to feel soft, pretty, demure, sensual, and sexy. Maybe you are slutty, too. I hear this all the time, how much you desire to look more feminine and it just CAN’T stop.

You Can’t Escape Your Feminine Desires

Perhaps it takes over when you go shopping. You look into the store windows and see women browsing, picking out such beautiful, feminine clothes. You want them, too! That warm rush of lusty, girly excitement takes over your mind, and that craving overcomes you.

Feminization Training is Life Changing

How would you like to start your feminization training? Perhaps you need a Mistress who LOVES to help you be as femfabulous as you feel inside. There are so many ways to start, and I’d love to show you. Let those feminine fantasies out when you connect with me, Ms. Delia. I promise you’ll have no regrets!







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5 comments to Feminization Training with the Fabulous Ms. Delia

  • Petey cream puff

    I admit I need this. Just seeing women wear hot sheath/choke top dresses/choke tops/leggings/yoga pants/ankle/knee high boots with women’s turtleneck sweaters are hot!! I’d rather wear that then boring suit or guy clothes and I have. I’ve started wearing bra/panty set with my d cup bra filling it out along with slip then pulling over one of my dresses. I love how it fits/feels and looks on me. Also wearing leggings/yoga pants with ankle/knee high boots w/bra/panty set on with women’s turtleneck sweater. I’ve started wearing women’s lotion layering it with perfume and the scent lasts a long time. My masseuse has accepted this and told me this is who I am and to accept that. Also she said not to worry or care what others think. She said most guys won’t notice as they are to occupied with work. She’s right!! I love how you & Ms Olivia turned/dressed and kept me as a girl in second life along with telling all the mistresses. I plan on calling again as I’m in process of cutting back on my shopping as it got out of control. I’ve told my masseuse this and she’s taking control with what I spend/also girl my age & I are starting to do more things together. Both are my age w/masseuse married and I’m in female lead relationship as they are taking control of me.

  • Molly

    Hi cream puff, I hope you still feel this way and are following up with your training! Your shopping probably got out of control due to your attempts to suppress it–do you understand what I mean? Trying to be someone else or deny your true nature never works for long. 🙂 You can’t hide your inner sissy.

  • Petey cream puff

    Your right Ms Molly. I am a cream puff girl there’s no use in denying it. I have more women’s clothes/dresses/lipsticks/bras/panties/
    boots/mules then what to do. 😢😳I can’t hide this anymore and I’ve come out to my masseuse and she said this is who I am and accept this and not care or worry what others think. She’s supportive of this as she’s measured/fitted me in bra/had me try on my dresses for her and picked out one for me saying I have perfect build. I’m seeing girl who knows/likes I wear perfumes/lotions but doesn’t know I dress in women’s/clothes/bras/panties/lipsticks😧😟😳

  • Brianna

    I love to dress in all the things Mistress is talking about. I’m totally dressed up now. Red skirt, black wig, makeup, tan pantyhose and high heels.

  • Molly

    Brianna, that sounds hot! I hope you did something fun while dressed to the nines. 😉

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