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A Free Erotic Halloween Audio from Empress Tia

This is part two of a tortuous Halloween audio from Empress Tia.  Empress Tia has had you in chastity for quite some time and tonight she has a special event planned that involves you.  You have been instructed to bring roses, long stemmed, to her and meet her at her home.  This is what happens once she pours the wine.

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A Free Chastity Training and Orgasm Denial Audio From Empress Heather

Do you feel like you need chastity training?  You probably have a problem with ejaculating too quickly, don’t you?  If that’s the case, chastity training can help you.  Princess Heather is a skilled femdom princess with experience in orgasm denial and chastity training.  Princess Heather can help you control your masturbation habit.  Listen as she explains why you need to get that cock stroking habit of yours under control. 

Phone Sex Princess Heather

For your own erotic phone sex session with Princess Heather, call 800-601-7259.

A Free Femdom Audio from Empress Simone

Empress Simone is going Christmas shopping but before she goes out she has a few loose ends to tie up, so to speak.  She needs to be sure you don’t do anything stupid while she’s out, so she’s devised a new chastity device that serves as a Christmas decoration at the same time.  Isn’t Empress Simone clever? 

For your own erotic phone sex session with Mistress Simone, dial 800-601-7259.

A Free Adult Audio from Empress Violet

What’s it like to be in chastity for a beautiful Mistress like Violet?  Do you long for a Mistress to keep your masturbation habits under lock and key?  Which key do you think Mistress Violet has that will lead to your eventual freedom? 

Maybe you should listen to this sexy femdom audio and find out.  You can also give Mistress Violet a call on the phone sex lines.  Just look for her online.

Yahoo IM: Empress.Violet
Phone: 800-356-6169

A Sexy Free Humiliation Audio from Mistress Tia

Mistress Tia enjoys humiliating her hubby for his weakness.  After all, he is in desperate need of some cock control.  So, she’s found a way to help keep him in check. 

Yahoo IM: tia_n_cocktales
Phone: 888-650-6789

If you think you’d like to have Mistress Tia take control of your orgasms and your masturbation habits, contact her and find out how.