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A New Cum Eating Audio From Empress Lauren

Empress Lauren loves to make her little faggot strokers eat their own cum. Even if you’ve never had the inclination, Mistress Lauren can make you think about it and actually want to try it. Forced cum eating is one of her favorite ways to play with a boy. Forced bi is, after all, another form of sexual humiliation that many mistresses employ upon their slaves.

So, listen to Ms Lauren tell you all the ways you can become a cum sucking faggot for her. For your own humiliation phone sex fantasy with Empress Lauren, give her a call at 800-601-7259.

A Femdom Audio Fantasy from Empress Simone

Empress Simone is an accomplished storyteller and loves a good roleplay fantasy.  She enjoys a good teasing phone sex session just as much as you do. 

Yahoo IM: The_Empress_Simone
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Her newest slave learns very quickly in this audio that whatever Empress Simone wants, she gets.  If you have a forced bi fantasy or just want to be controlled by a sexy femdom, give Empress Simone a call.

A Free Adult Audio from Empress Constance

Empress Constance thinks you should step down further into humiliation, she thinks you should sink lower than you have in the past.  Instead of being forced to wear panties, she thinks you should be forced to wear a diaper.  After all, isn’t that what adult babies do? 

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For a fabulous phone sex experience with Empress Constance and fulfillment of your humiliation fantasies, give her a call.

A Free Adult Audio from Mistress Courtney

Get ready to ride…a strap on that is.  Mistress Courtney is all about forced bi phone sex fantasies and loves any chance to bend over a little fuck toy like you!

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If you like a devious Mistress that is intelligent, articulate and full of mindfuck surprises, give Mistress Courtney a call.  You won’t be disappointed.

A Free Phone Sex Audio from Princess Heather

Princess Heather wants to answer the question that you all seem to ask quite often, “what does a princess want?”  You may be surprised to find out what a phone sex princess like Heather wants from a boy like you.  Do you think you have what it takes to make this sexy princess happy?  Listen and find out!

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Princess Heather also has a live radio show every Monday and Friday night on the only adult internet radio station dedicated to your masturbation, Cock Radio.