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Sensual Strap-On Pegging Session with Ms. Taylor

Strapon Sensual Seduction that Spins You into Submission..


Taylor (28)Ms. Taylor not only gets you excited with her strap-on but she loves it too.  The sensual seduction of taking you with her big dildo cock really turns her on.


” When I slide my skin toned leather strap-on harness around my body and choose which dildo cock I will be wearing for my strap-on sensual seduction time with you – I get an instantaneous hit of erotic energy that flows through my body like lightning has struck me.” – Ms. Taylor



A Free Spanking Audio from Empress Violet

Empress Violet relishes the fact that you are her submissive and she especially enjoys that you have a spanking fetish.

Listen as she describes to you how the phone sex session with her will play out when you come to her with your paddle, ready to heat up your ass!


Click here to call Empress Violet
or dial 800-601-6975
for an erotic phone sex session.
Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card
Must be 18+
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A Free Feminization Audio from Empress Alexandria

Empress Alexandria would like to introduce you to a very special girl.  Her name is Stephanie, and she’s a sissy.  Empress Alexandria takes you in for a closer look and has you get to know this sissy on a more intimate level.  Ms Stephanie Irene Nylons has come to be interviewed by Ms Alexandria.  See what happens when Stephanie struts the catwalk.  This audio was written for recording by our own Stephanie Irene Nylon SuperModel and she expressed she wanted to share it with all her wonderful sissy girls

If you have a feminization fantasy, give Empress Alexandria a call.

A Free Femdom Tease Audio from Mistress Tia

You love to be teased by a beautiful femdom.  You enjoy the way she holds control of your cock.  There is a reason Mistress Tia is the masturbation mistress.  She enjoys controlling men and thereby controlling their orgasms.  Let her voice soothe you and wash over your body.  Do you think you can resist?

For your own erotic phone sex session, you can reach Mistress Tia at 800-601-7259.

A Free Sexy Audio from A New Mistress - Audrey

Empress Audrey is one of the newest ladies on the Enchantrix Empire. She’s sexy, sweet and sophisticated. This is one Mistress who knows how to guide your masturbation and give you a phone sex experience you’ll never forget. If you like feminization fantasies, give Ms Audrey a call.

 For your own erotic phone sex session with Empress Audrey, dial 800-601-7259.

A Free Bi Sexual Cock Sucking Audio from Empress Emma Jane

Empress Emma Jane knows your secret. She knows you secretly desire to suck a cock, to become a faggot cocksucker. She’s here to help you fulfill that fantasy and teach you the ways of cocksucking faggots.

For your own phone sex session with Empress Emma Jane, call 800-601-7259.

A Free Sexy Audio from Empress Sophia

Empress Sophia is testing out her new equipment. No, not that kind of equipment. But, if you want her to test a few things out on you, you can always call her on the phone sex lines.

I’m sure she’d be happy to give you a workout. In the meantime, listen as this sexy femdom teases you with her erotic voice.

For an erotic phone sex session with Mistress Sophia, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card

A Free Masturbation Audio Game from Ms Cecilia

Mistress Cecilia loves to play masturbation games.  Sometimes you get to cum, sometimes it’s all about denying your orgasm.  Isn’t that what a cute little cocktease does? 

For a guided masturbation session of your own with Empress Cecilia, just pick up the phone.

Yahoo IM: mistress_cecilia_dominates
Phone: 888-737-8345