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A Sexy Night Before Christmas from Empress Scarlet!

Empress Scarlet loves to be naughty any time of year but especially at Christmas.  She can be such a naughty femdom diva.  If you know what’s good for you, you’ll bend over and take your spanking like a good little sissy or subby.  After all, isn’t red a great holiday color?  If you need even more red, Empress Scarlet can humiliate you until those cheeks are on fire.

Don’t underestimate this hot redhead phone sex femdom.  Give Empress Scarlet a call today!

Stroke For Us – The Kink Classroom Continues

In the Kink Classroom, Ms. Layla and Ms. Delia always love to make their students work really hard! In this podcast episode, MILF Layla and Cougar Delia coax stroker boys to an intense orgasm in their own very unique ways.  Do you have what it takes to pass their stroking tests and make to the finish line?  Follow along and find out!

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Kink Classroom, Episode Two – Who Is Mistress Delia?

Last week, Ms. Delia interviewed Ms. Layla about the Kink Classroom. This week the tables are turned, and Ms. Layla has her chance to ask Ms. Delia about her own hardcore style. In this engaging podcast, the fun energy between the two Mistresses is fels as questions like, “what kinds of kinks do you like?” and “why is Ms. Delia called a cock teasing bitch?” are asked. Remember, in the Kink Classroom if you’re not careful, you just might have sexy fun while you’re learning.


A Free Erotic Audio from Empress Ivy

I’ve been working for you for over a year now and haven’t had a raise or even a performance review. But I have seen you checking out my ass when I bend over to get a file and I have noticed that your eyes don’t always meet mine when we talk, they look down a bit. I do think your kind of cute so I decide to see if you are really interested.

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A Free Adult Audio from Empress Callie

Empress Callie knows the type of woman she is.  She’s a cock tease with an attitude.  She uses this information to tease boys like you, making them drool over her and stammer in awe.  Empress Callie is an adorable blonde who loves to use her feminine ways to get what she wants from pathetic loser boys like you.

For your own humiliating phone sex session of absolute tease and total humiliation, give her a call.

Empress Harper Tells You About an Erotic Phone Sex Session With Us

Empress Harper is here to tell you about the joys of phone sex with an Empress or Femdom lady here at LDW/Enchantrix.  The ladies here are elite, focused and intelligent.  We offer the creme’ de la creme’ experience of phone sex.  Whatever it is you desire or want, the ladies here can provide it.

Mistress Harper is one of these sexy femdoms and she is available for your phone sex needs.  Talk to her today!


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for an erotic phone sex session.
Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card
Must be 18+
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Worship Mistress Contance's Ass- A Free Erotic Audio

You know you love adoring your mistress’ ass, you love looking at it lovingly, you even dream of it.  But, it’s even better when your mistress’ ass is encased in a beautiful pair of skin tight jeans, isn’t it?  You can’t take your eyes off her ass. 

Ms Constance knows your weakness for a beautiful derriere and she uses that weakness to her advantage.  For your own erotic phone sex call with Empress Constance, dial 800-601-7259.

A Cum Eating Lesson From Empress Victoria

It seems you need to be humiliated and degraded, don’t you?  You thrive on her harsh words and her sadistic nature.  Empress Victoria has decided to teach you a few lessons that you’ll remember.  You will now be a little cum eater, only this task will be even more humiliating. 

Listen as Empress Victoria gives you a new humiliation lesson.  For your own humiliating phone sex session with Empress Victoria, dial 800-601-7259.

A Foot Fetish Audio From Empress Tia

You love her sexy feet.  You love to rub them, smell them, caress them.  You love how her feet look in high heels.  You want nothing more than to worship her lovely sexy feet, don’t you?  This audio is for you, the foot worshipper.   Enjoy. 

For your own erotic phone sex session with Empress Tia, dial 888-650-6789.

Happy Holidays and a Free Erotic Audio from Empress Ryan

This is that time of year that all of your mistresses want to wish you a Happy Holidays and some naughty fun to go with it!  Empress Ryan would like you to have a great holiday season.  In fact, she hopes you get to have some cockstroking fun during the coming year.

Naturally, if you’re looking for some naughty erotic phone sex fun, give Ms Ryan a call at 800-601-7259.