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A Free Bi Sexual Cock Sucking Audio from Empress Emma Jane

Empress Emma Jane knows your secret. She knows you secretly desire to suck a cock, to become a faggot cocksucker. She’s here to help you fulfill that fantasy and teach you the ways of cocksucking faggots.

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A Free Sexy Adult Audio from Empress Simone

The tease goddess Simone knows how to control you, tease you, torture you, and humiliate you if necessary. No, she’s not a sadistic mistress but she adores her slaves and wants them all to experience the ultimate phone sex experience.

Close your eyes and imagination her voice pulling you in, arousing the most primal desires. Whether you wish to worship a femdom mistress or be cuckolded by her, you can be sure Empress Simone will rise to the challenge. For your own erotic phone sex session with Empress Simone, give her a call at 800-601-7259.

A Free Sexy Audio from Empress Sophia

Empress Sophia is testing out her new equipment. No, not that kind of equipment. But, if you want her to test a few things out on you, you can always call her on the phone sex lines.

I’m sure she’d be happy to give you a workout. In the meantime, listen as this sexy femdom teases you with her erotic voice.

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Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
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A Free Erotic Masturbation Audio from Mistress Delia

Mistress Delia understands men and the reasons they masturbate. She wants to encourage you to masturbate as well as guide your masturbation. Empress Delia enjoys listening to and coaching you as you masturbate. Listen to her tell you to stroke it, tease it, enjoy it.

She uses her voice to tease you and if you’ve been very good, to make you cum for her. Find out more about Mistress Delia will on The Mistress Interviews and listen to her sexy podcast. Or, you can have your own sensual masturbation phone sex session with Empress Delia by calling 800-601-7259.

A Free Adult Humiliation Audio from Princess Angelica

Princess Angelica has a secret, she’s a size queen.  So, if you have a puny prick, she doesn’t want your short tool.  She doesn’t play with boys who don’t measure up.  Do you measure up, or do you want to be humiliated for not quite making the grade? 

Do you have a small penis or do you have the equipment it takes to please Princess Angelica?  For a humiliation phone sex session with Princess Angelica…or a sexy steamy romp…give her a call.

A New Teasing Audio from Ms Lauren

Empress Lauren received a beautiful package in the mail and she’s been longing to try those silky satin gloves on you!  Sit back and imagine as she strokes your cock to ecstacy over and over with her long silk opera gloves. 

Empress Lauren is an experienced cockteasing femdom who loves making men hard and listening to their breathless excitement.  If you’d like a phone sex session with Mistress Lauren, pick up the phone and dial.  She’s waiting for you.

Yahoo IM: empress.lauren
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