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A Free Cuckold Audio from Empress Constance

Empress Constance is introducing you to her new lover, her large bull of a lover. You want to be a good little cuckold boy for your mistress, don’t you? Ms Constance is encouraging and sensuous with all of her cuckold boys. She knows you secretly wish you could be the great clean up boy or fluffer. Listen as she describes your cuckold duties. For your own erotic phone sex session with Empress Constance, call 800-601-7259

4 comments to A Free Cuckold Audio from Empress Constance

  • Joesph roger

    22 year long cuckold, saying I’ve watched my wife fuck and suck a few hundred guys over the years,prepared her, and the men, but -WOW!- this sample got me totally hot.

  • Mmmmm I am glad it made you hot and thanks for sharing about your hot wife!

  • Steve

    What’s the best way to let my wife cheat on me is any free audio instruction

  • Bill

    This one actually helped convince my wife to cuckold me. Its been a few months now and she says she has never been happier and neither have I. Thanks Constance

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