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Your Erotic Submission To Me

Your erotic submission of your mind and body, to me, is something you give. A Gift, if you will. Some may think of a Mistress or Femdom as capricious and indifferent to her charge. Sure, that is the truth and what really gets the ball rolling for some. But not all. ...

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Sexual Freedom Awaits You

It's been said that all men yearn to be free...  To openly and safely express themselves as they wish, when they want as well as how often. You've come to me looking for your freedom...seeking feminine wisdom with a seductive tone to show you the way. I am here to say...

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Promise To Obey Your Mistress Cindy

What are you waiting for? Will you obey your Mistress? Need I remind you obedience is your primary responsibility? As you already know, submissive men and male slaves require persistent discipline. You understand that female domination is what's best for the weak,...

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