Two long weeks of what you expected to be a relaxing, whimsical stay at the Enchantrix Haunted Hotel turned out to be more than you bargained for. The brochures showed gorgeous women dressed as cheerleaders, princesses, Baywatch babes, and kinky kitties. You thought, “Oh yeah, this is going to be two weeks of stroking, cumming, and getting laid by Mistresses!” Things turned out a bit differently than in those daydreams and fantasies you conjured up before your visit.


A Mysteriously Sexy Welcome

Ms. Cassidy welcomed you at check-in, dressed as a french maid – but she wasn’t there to serve you. She led you to the elevator, where the gorgeous Ms. Hannah was waiting to ascend the Tower of Terror, tormenting you with teasing. Was that contrast between her petite, curvaceous body and her big, black strap-on more nightmare or a dream come true? Sure, you screamed, but they sounded more like screams of joy than of terror!

Sissification, A Princess’ Orgasms, and Spankings

Before you know it, you found yourself at Ms. Delia’s Halloween Party, wearing a thong, bustier, thigh highs, and heels. You’ve always dreamt of becoming a feminized sissy, and Halloween is the perfect opportunity to live out that fantasy. However, since all attendees signed a sissy contract, there’s no going back to your hideous boxer shorts, hairy legs, and stroking like a man. Ms. Delia owns your sissy ass forever. You were given a voyeuristic peek into the dreams of Princess Kellie and the Demon Master, went snooping around and found yourself in Ms. Constance’s spanking room, where apparitions punished you with wooden spoons, hair brushes, and floggers. (But is it punishment if your cock was hard, and it made those balls full and tingly?)

Sneaking Out Early – Or So You Thought

The last couple of weeks have been arduous, yet thrilling. You packed your bags the morning of the 31st, not sure you had the stamina to stick around for what the evening might have in store. You thought you could sneak out before your hostesses and the other guests woke, dragging your suitcase through the winding hallways and down the elevator.

When the elevator doors slid open, you were met by a member of the concierge staff (you could tell by her uniform – red mini skirt, a matching low-cut jacket, high heels, and fishnet stockings; her name badge said, “Miss Molly”). “Leaving so soon?” Miss Molly asked. You mumbled something about hurrying back to work and answering the door for trick-or-treaters. Miss Molly was close enough that you were breathing in her sweet perfume and her warm breath tickled your neck. It took a lot of restraint not to turn around and drop to your knees and worship her delicious little body, but you still couldn’t get away.

“I believe you’re trying to leave without settling your charges,” she smiled. In an instant she disappeared and reappeared at the hotel entrance, blocking the doors. With a snap of her fingers, your suitcase flipped over and spilled open all over the lobby. Frilly panties and a bustier you stole from Ms. Tia’s Sissy Transformation Room, a handkerchief full of molasses from Ms. Brighton’s Sploshing Room, and a little jar of cum you saved from Ms. Addison’s dear friend Fred, were among the contents – none of which you asked for permission to keep.

You Can Check Out Any Time You’d Like…But You Can Never Leave!

As Miss Molly started to laugh – a shrill giggle that was arousing and scary all at once, the Mistresses you met during your two-week stay began to appear out of nowhere, one by one, smiling and shaking their heads. Ms. Simone was singing a mesmerizing chant – was it another cock sucking spell? Ms. Fiona was carrying what looked like a magical, ghostly leash and collar which was meant for you. Ms. Erika toyed with a glowing chastity cage; it seemed she and Ms. Kay Marie were discussing whether or not it would fit. She shook her head and sighed, “Just as you thought, he’s going to need something much smaller; something made for a pussy boy.”

“So, about those charges,” Miss Molly said in her sing-song voice as she approached, squatting down to stroke your cheek while you steal a glimpse of the red, lacy g-string that barely covered her most sacred bits. “I don’t think you can afford to repay us for our hospitality and everything you’ve stolen. You’re going to have to work that debt off by serving us.”

Eternal servitude to the proprietors of the Enchantrix Haunted Hotel… how does that sound?

Ms. Hannah’s Tower of Terror

Ms. Delia’s Halloween Sissy Party



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