Your Mistress is here to take control, as well as possess the most intimate parts of your body…your perverted mind, unremarkable dick, and even more unremarkable sex. These things may have been given to you as a gift by nature, but they are being repossessed by your Phone Mistress when she declares eminent domain…only without the compensation. While it may sound unfair to most reasonable people on the outside looking in, we both know this has been something you have yearned for after many years of confusion about your sexuality.



What Happens Once You Surrender to Your Mistress?

Now that you have successfully surrendered yourself to a beautiful dominant woman, I think it is time for you to entertain me. How about starting by whining like a bitch…complaining endlessly as most sissies do. I know you like to grouse and I find it fun to watch you torment yourself by your maladaptive and juvenile behaviors. Once you’ve gotten that out of your system it’s time to plead like a pussy. Cry for me to help relieve your tension by stroking your cock until you’re able to ejaculate and drain your balls dry.

Pain is Pleasure

Not only do you torment yourself but you are also a pain slut who enjoys suffering. Suffering and enduring pain cut both ways for you. It may not feel good while it happens but the after effects help keep you calm and satisfied…does this not sound familiar to you? I understand there is no submission without obedience and this is why I expect you to not masturbate or cum, or have any sex for the next 90 days! Sure, I get it…you’re wondering about your sore balls and the need for your prostate to be milked on a well-kept schedule.

As a weak man, it is important that the Mistress trains you to be stronger so you can go forth into this world and not be the troublemaker you have been up to now…and you know exactly what I am talking about!

So call me and I will take possession of what belongs to me and in the end, you will become a better man for it.