BD/SM offers much to both women and men alike. I am a sexually-charged female with an alpha personality. When I see you on Skype, I ask myself, why should I lose out on the excitement of hearing you yearn for cocktease and denial?

I consider it my right as a Mistress and do my best to provide you with opportunities to express your submissiveness and feminine longings. I think anything less than that would be a waste of my precious time…and yes, a Mistress’s time is quite valuable and precious. I know you want to impress a woman very much.

Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to impress me and show me how good a boy you really are?

Or, on the other hand, does feminine dominance remind you of your inadequacies and how much you want to become a male bitch for a deserving Mistress? You have been a good boy reading this post but violated your submission just by thinking of cumming. Who told you that you could think of such things?

And now. look what you did…the torment of orgasm denial has made my pussy wet. So, call me now so I can give you a tongue lashing you’ll never forget!

Do You Want Ms. Cindy to Allow You Release?

by Mistress Cindy | Femdom Podcast