Are you ready to be that sexy, submissive sissy you always dreamed of and have spoken about with me on so many testosterone-fueled occasions? By now, you want to fulfill your sexual fantasy. You can practically taste it as your thoughts are thoroughly preoccupied with them.

It’s time for you to enjoy the eroticism of being coerced to dress like a woman in your fantasies. I know you won’t do it on your own and take responsibility for these perversions. You require your Mistress to step in so you can lean on her ego to support your indulgences.

You must also practice how to walk like a woman, talk like a sissy and behave as any female would. Do you know how to walk in high heels and comport yourself with grace and ease?

Feminizing you will bring out all parts of your personality…some of which you never knew existed prior to the transformation. Feminization gets you in touch with your inner self, including the persona deeply hidden and dormant somewhere in the corners of your consciousness.

So, what are you waiting for? Time for you to confess. After all, I, too, want that sissy within you to blossom like a spring rose.

Permission to Fantasize as a Sissy

by Mistress Cindy | Femdom Podcast