I indulged myself on Black Friday this year and agreed to go shopping with a co-worker. We were not looking at buying any gifts, except for ourselves, as the office Christmas party is not too far away. Each year around this time I treat myself to a new pair of sexy heels. A girl can never have enough.

This year it was a pair of gorgeous, open-toed, buckled ankle-strap sandal stilettos. The heel height was slightly more than 4 inches, which is right where I like it best. The reasons why?

1. It lengthens my legs just enough to give them a more sultry and toned look.
2. It tilts my hips to shorten my stride and gives me a fluid strut versus just merely walking, and… 
3. They symbolize power, which, as you already know, is very important to me.

Whether it’s guys wanting to wear heels or guys thrilled by the mere site of them, a pair of sexy high heels is any woman’s best friend.

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by Mistress Cindy | Femdom Podcast