Becoming feminized is not as easy as one would think. How do you decide how far to go, and which feminine fantasies are best brought to life for you? Maybe you just want to wear panties under your briefs at work, and that is the extent of it. Or, maybe you are very slutty, and need to feel a real man’s cock in your mouth for feminization to feel “real.”

Here are a few steps to help you:

1. First and foremost, try on panties and find a type that suits you! Panties are a great first step!
2. Work on your skin care. Go for soft and fresh skin. Maybe try foundations or BB creams. You can do as much or as little as you want.
3. Buy a bra. This step is AMAZING for all!

Remember, Ms. Delia is always here to help you feel delicate and demure. I am here when you are ready to try feminization training!

Basic Feminization

by Ms. Delia | Femdom Podcast