It is the seemingly endless routine of tease and denial that has you hooked. The sexual stimulation of the tease…baiting you and manipulating your secret desires only serves to reinforce these stimuli deep within your psyche.

Subsequent to this stimuli is the requisite denial…the very symbolic deflation of your pent-up manhood…cock-blocked by the very beauty who revved your engine in the first place.

It must feel like a real kick in the nuts when you are denied the thing you’ve been longing for and dream about so often. Always so close, yet forever so far away. Lucky for you, erotic tease and denial is one of my favorite hobbies.

I want you to be a good boy and indulge your soul-wrenching anguish. I know it is difficult for you to control your hard-ons, but impress you Mistress…and show her how much you enjoy suffering for your erotic pleasures.

Are you ready?

Erotic Tease and Denial

by Mistress Cindy | Femdom Podcast