I love the beach! Did you know that I swim every day? I do! I enjoy swimming and the beach is where my heart is at. I would love to have a CFNM party on the shore and you would be my first pick to get naked and be the guest of honor at this CFNM party. Can you imagine the ocean air and the sweet, gentle breeze caressing your naked skin as you are surrounded by me and my beautiful Mistress friends? Of course, we are scantily clad in beach attire. I would pick my teeniest bikini. Hee-hee!

I might not have much on, but I am still wearing my bathing suit. And, what are you wearing? Mmm…oh, that’s right–nothing! Hahahaha!

My friends and I are going to take pleasure in having you serve us. You will be our cabana boy, serving our drinks and massaging sunblock into our skin. What you end up doing, of course, depends on the Mistress and what she decides to ask of you. You WILL agree to any of their demands. Why? Because you are here to be our CFNM Cabana boy! Your job is to serve and amuse.

CFNM Party at the Beach

by Princess Andi | Femdom Podcast