For decades, men have dictated what they find attractive when it comes to a woman’s pubic hair. We groom, we trim, we (shiver) wax, we shave. All for your viewing pleasures. Well, what about our viewing pleasure? Don’t shock me by turning on your cam and showing me a bushy hairdo down below! I want to tell you what I prefer, what I find attractive, what I WANT FROM ALL MEN…………….

I want it bald.

I’m quite serious. I want you to have nothing at all down there. Not a stitch of hair. Not at the root of your dick. Not on your balls. Not. Anywhere.

Bald is beautiful.

Oh. And, not that it matters for a man with an already petite penis, but – yes, it does make it look bigger!

Bald is Beautiful

by The Scarlet Mistress | Femdom Podcast