Do you have a soft, lacy, secret??? *giggle*

Yes….that’s right. I’m totally asking if you like to wear women’s panties? Awww, do you rifle through your girlfriend’s drawer to find just the right pair? Perhaps you even go to a lingerie store and buy your own. Is it thrilling to be in the store looking at those pretty panties knowing they’re for *you* and NOT your girlfriend??

I bet sometimes you even wear them to work, don’t you? Well, panty perv, you’ve found the right place to be teased about your frilly thrills. I’ll revel in laughing at your cute little lacy secrets or maybe guide you in what to get. Maybe you’re the type that loves full on womanly wear and need some tips to look your most feminine. Don’t worry….I can guide you on your high heeled, lipstick fantasy……because let’s face it, powder puff…. Femdom is always fashionable. My name is Empress Jenna and if you like what you hear, feel free to visit My blog at


Teased About Your Frilly Thrills

by Mistress Jenna | Femdom Podcast