Wow, you were staring at them again weren’t you? That’s right, I caught you checking them out…again. And no, it wasn’t the twins I carry in my bra either, silly. You were fixated on My narrow, regal, arched size 8 1/2s. Ten toes of perfectly deep pink painted perfection.

You tried so hard to look away, but I kept dangling My sandal off of My beautiful, pink toes so enticingly that it was like a magnet for you. Your mouth watered as you imagined kneeling at My beautiful feet, kissing and caressing them. Your cock hardened just thinking about rubbing lotion into My beautiful feet. Your mind raced as you imagined what sort of heaven would it be to press your hardness against such buttery soft soles.

Your heart starts to quicken as you watch rapt as My beautiful feet flex and point in a coquettish, knowing way. I feel you looking at them and I spread My toes, glaring at you with an intuitive smirk on My face. I caught you, now I just might have to make you My foot slave–if you’re lucky.

My name is Empress Jenna and if you would like to learn more about Me, feel free to visit My blog at Talk to you soon, foot freak! LOL!!!!

Do You Have a Foot Fetish?

by Mistress Jenna | Femdom Podcast