I love to hear a submissive beg me for something…I, however, don’t just take saying please over and over again as begging. You need to step up your begging game! Here are some tips:

Add some context to your begging…what is it you are begging your Mistress for? An orgasm? Well, why not try saying, “Oh, please Mistress! Grant me permission to cum. You are the keeper of my cum and I beg of you to allow me sweet release!”

Use flattering words like goddess, queen, and such at the beginning of what you are begging for. Be creative and even a little silly, like with a cherry on top. Hahahahaha!

“Oh please, my goddess, amazing ruler of my dick, please allow me to cum and I will be the best submissive you’ve ever had. I will obey and promise to be loyal and true. Please let me cum! Pretty please with a cherry on top!”

Now, this won’t work for all Mistresses, but honestly the more creative you get the more likely I am to allow you to have what it is you are begging for. If you are so creative and witty that you actually make me chuckle, well, you will probably be shooting that load in no time, hehehe!

So step up that begging game boys and gurls, and let’s see if you will get what you are so desperately begging for.

Begging Mistress: Step Up Your Game

by Ms. Constance | Femdom Podcast