Cum eating or orgasm denial, what shall it be?

Or maybe the best of both worlds; a nice ruined orgasm followed by a quick cleanup of the oozing mess!

What’s a ruined orgasm? I’m so glad you asked!

Essentially, a ruined orgasm occurs when Mistress edges you beyond the point of madness, then does something to fuck your little squirt up.

Oh, I could instruct you to grab the head of your dick at the exact moment of orgasm and just crumple it up like a wad of paper.

Squeeze….squeeze….squeeze….until the urge to orgasm goes away–leaving a lot of frustration in its place!

Then there’s the simple little process of demanding that you take your hand off your cock just as you’re getting ready to empty those balls. Ooh, don’t you just love that one?

Cum on and Eat It! All the Cool Guys are Doing It!

by Ms. Piper | Femdom Podcast