A foot fetishist loves trampling and anything to do with the foot and shoes–especially a high heeled stiletto where he could get his tongue in, licking the sole and heel. An open shoe is his favorite, but the boots are especially intriguing. He may be in the closet shining and caring for all of Mistresses collection, but don’t let mistress catch your little hard dick in that boot or shoe, because you will be walked on with her stilettos.

Inevitably you are caught. You are then tied in bondage and made to endure hard discipline and punishment, but your body has gotten tough from being trampled. Trampling requires knowledge of anatomy and where to step, and a well-trained mistress will know exactly how to administer it. This makes you the hardest, beyond shoes or boots. Her bare feet walking firmly on your body after she has had enough shoe punishment will be a pleasure. You are like putty now and well tenderized.

When she decides you have learned your lesson, you will be unbound and perfectly happy.

Foot Trampling Fetish

by Ms. Cassandra | Femdom Podcast