09 alignright” src=”https://femdompodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Cassandra-200×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”200″ height=”300″ />A while back I was training a real-time sissy who loved to suck cock. I called her “little miss faggy pants”. She was in the film industry and was very careful about being outed in public. She was unrecognizable when crossdressed, though, so bringing her out like this was perfect. I had something new in mind.

With my hair slicked back and under a hat, I wore a tuxedo and crossdressed as a formal man, much like Kim Bassinger in the movie 7 1/2 Weeks. Under that tux, I wore a big strap on dildo. Little miss faggy pants was in a ruffly red party dress, blonde wig, lingerie, and all the makeup trimmings. She also wore her collar and leash. We were going to a formal play party in an Orange County dungeon.

We arrived and entered the elaborately decorated dungeon, and I brought faggy to the medical fetish room and began to give her a pelvic exam with feet locked on stirrups. She was strapped down and gagged with a dental dam. I took out my strap on and began to “examine” her, inviting anyone at the door to come in and participate. The dental dam did not stay in very long. Faggy got her fill of cock and someone asked me, “Aren’t you a little oddly dressed for a doctor?” I replied, “Yes, but a doctor must always be prepared to cure a slut.”

Gender Bending With Sissy in the Medical Room

by Mistress Cassandra | Femdom Podcast