What is a masturbation manager? It’s a Mistress or a Master that rules your cock. In this case, a Mistress, or Masturbatrix. The manager is in total charge and there is an agreement like any other business deal. The management discusses with you exactly what you need. It may be total orgasm denial in chastity or an edging call once in a while. The session is with or without a contract, but once you sign up you belong to Mistress and will be held accountable if you illicitly stroke.

In essence, it is all about strict cock control. Records and journals are kept, and stroking is observed. It’s quite a bit of fun if you enjoy strict entertainment with your hand on dick at my command. Of course, I will always try to get you into chastity. It’s a challenge for both. My challenge is to make sure I keep you in the cage and your challenge is to stay in the cage. Your challenge is the hardest. Your dick will be teased to frustrating intensity until the day comes when you cum by me allowing you to. I can be very persuasive and you will be vulnerable. I can be as sweet as can be or I can be as mean as can be. Eventually, you will have a preference.

To have a Masturbatrix means to get ready for many levels of pleasure up and down the scale. One week you will be locked up, another week you will be cumming daily with stroking games, and the next will be denial games. This program is for you if you love lots of variety.

Masturbation Manager

by Mistress Cassandra | Femdom Podcast