Now that I know how small you are, I’ve established your place in the male hierarchy. (Hint: You’re way down at the bottom.) The following rules will now apply:

1) You will submit to your Mistresses in all things and learn to enjoy small penis humiliation.

2) From now on you will complete all house chores, big and small, and you will enjoy doing them. Remember, you’re the low-man sissy with the tiny dick. I didn’t make you this way, but I am kind enough to show you your destiny.

3) You will make yourself useful and not complain about the tasks Mistress assigns. They are good for you!

Listen to my audio teaser below and give me a call when you’re ready to take your place and serve your Mistress.



Do You Have a Small Penis? Then You Should Be Humiliated!

by Mistress Cindy | Femdom Podcast