Be honest, sometimes you slip into a pair of women’s panties, don’t you? It’s exciting, like the silky, forbidden fruit you thought you couldn’t have. I know there are some of you panty boys out there that have cleaned out your boxer briefs entirely and replaced them with soft, frilly, lacy panties.

Maybe some of you gurly men took it to a whole new level and decided that you wanted the full-on femme experience. That means the hair, the nails, the make up; and let’s not forget the come fuck me heels you decided to buy, just for good measure. You love the feel of stockings against your skin and the elevation of a sexy pair of pumps. Whether you’re a panty boy or you like to dress up like a total slut, Mistress is here to help you along the way.

Need makeup and fashion tips? I gotcha covered. I can help you on you on the high heel, lipstick laden path to femininity, if that is what you desire. Why not give Me a call to get your frilly thrills on? I’m Empress Jenna, and if you’d like to learn more about Me check out My blog at

I’m looking forward to using you as My very own dress up doll. Are you ready, panty boy?

Slip Into Panties for Ms. Jenna

by Mistress Jenna | Femdom Podcast