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  I think you need a chastity cage, big time. You have been slipping them out in between calls and I don’t like it…big time! Stroking your cock in the shower “to clean it” is fine, if you are actually cleaning it and not stroking it. On our last call you slipped and gave yourself a ruined orgasm, bad boy. It was not enjoyable. Of course, it wasn’t, so I have the solution. A Holy Trainer metal chastity device by Mature Metal. You will have no excuse as far as cleaning. In the shower, your liquid body wash will seep in and keep it squeaky clean, so you can stroke the cage and not the cock. Your metal cage will be clean and shiny and your cock will stay happily horny in that cage. I won’t have to worry about you slipping one out while out of my supervision. I like this plan!


Chastity Cage for You!

by Mistress Cassandra | Femdom Podcast