43 alignleft” src=”https://femdompodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/unnamed-300×288.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”288″ />I don’t recommend my captivity training because I have been known to scare boys out of their chains. I was taught by a strict Mistress in Los Angeles who practiced often on her pain slut husband, who spent most of his life in a chastity cage and behind bars. They had a home in Long Beach and one of the bedrooms was a jail and a medical room. I learned the art of caning, chastity, and how to keep a slave contained in a jail cell. He was more than willing, so it spoiled the sadism a little bit.

We prepared gruel for the slave and gave him corporal discipline and interrogation as a drill. We wore what we wanted–sometimes jeans because we were on top and in charge. So if you come to me for captivity, you may not last like the last two boys I trained. It’s quite all right, too. This way, I know I have done a good job of scaring you and being convincing and strict. With captivity, it is supposed to be scary and strict.


I will find out what you do not like in BDSM and surprise you with it!

Captivity Training with Ms. Cassandra

by Mistress Cassandra | Femdom Podcast