82 ” src=”https://femdompodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/First-Panties-203×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”166″ height=”245″ /> Ms. Daphne would LOVE to help you choose your first pair of panties!

Nothing is more a milestone in a sissy’s life than getting her first pair of panties. It is a major compliment to me when a girl asks me to help her take that huge step forward to buying panties in a store. I love it and am so honored to do so! Whether she wants humiliation or just the erotic thrill of panties, we can do any or all of the above.

Going into the store with her, it is delicious to watch as she runs her hands over all the different materials and styles. Yes! There ARE so many to choose from! I watch as the cart gets filled with the different colors and types and know she will have to make choices because buying 52 pair that the first day is a bit much.

How many should she buy?

First Pair of Panties

by Mistress Daphne | Femdom Podcast