I would like to address a few preliminary guidelines regarding Goddess Worship. Whether you are a Session Slave (engaged in regular Domme sessions with a Mistress in-person or via phone), or you are a Submissive Husband entering into a D/s relationship, here are some initial guidelines.

First of all, Every Mistress has her own preferences as to how her submissive servants, pets, and/or Slaves
are directed to worship her. However, many of the points in this quick Goddess Worship Guide can be applied and followed. As a Lifestyle Mistress and Phone Mistress, I think this initial guide can assist whether you are a new, intermediate or experienced submissive.

Goddess Worship Guide – Goals

Your goals as a submissive must be aligned with your chosen Goddess’ goals as your Mistress and Owner. For instance, what I always do when a new submissive comes into my life, is ask a series of questions to make sure we are a good fit, as well as how they see themselves and their servitude path unfolding into the future.

The Questions both Goddess and Slave Must Ask


For the Submissive to Ask His New Goddess:
  1. How much time will my Goddess have for me? (Her schedule, availability, session times, etc.).
  2. Where will the session take place? (Is it a safe, clean environment?)
  3. As a submissive, what are your limits and hard boundaries?
  4. What areas of domination/submission play would you like to deeply explore? 
Your Goddess and Her Demands:

Your Goddess has accepted you into her realm. Now, she must put forth HER goals and demands of you, her new submissive servant/pet.

  1. Goddess requires regular servitude. Are you able to comply with her requested times?
  2. Tributes, Gifts, for your Goddess: What are they and what do you get in return?
  3. Goddess Worship Long Term: What is your Goddess’ vision for your unfolding relationship, and boundaries with her day-to-day life?

1. If you are in an ACTUAL relationship or lucky enough to be married to a Goddess, I will address this in a separate blog, so stay tuned! The rules are different in a married Dom/sub lifestyle.
2. Your Goddess wants to push your boundaries and will sometimes demand to see you as vulnerable as possible. She will demand this as proof of your devotion. Are you ready for that?
3. WHAT KIIND of D/s Relationship are you both after? (Sensual, Domination, Strict, Femdom, etc).

So, in conclusion, a glimpse at one of my favorites as a Goddess and a Mistress. (Trust em, there are MANY MORE…).


Above all, most Goddesses I know, myself included, LOVE Body Worship.

For example, my favorite part is when one of my submissive pets sits down to worship my feet, especially if it’s a massage with warm, scented oils, where I am on my leather throne and my pet is at my feet.

My slave will be naked and in chastity, of course. It’s important for me to know that touching my feet, massaging them, is as erotically maddening for him as it is highly pleasurable for me, His Goddess and Owner.

Please drop by anytime and let me, Mistress Alina Sky, teach you how to worship your Goddess properly.

Goddess Guide

by Mistress Alina | Femdom Podcast