74″ src=”https://femdompodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/HelpMistress-167×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”167″ height=”300″ />So many ask how you can help your Mistress. If you have a real-life Mistress, there are tangible ways to offer concrete help to her.

One of the tasks I have my submissive doing right now is scanning the thousands of pictures I have that need to be organized. After he scans them, he puts them on my online storage site so nothing gets misplaced. Later, I go in and write blurbs for each of the pictures. Very efficient!

If you have not read Marie Kondo yet, I suggest you read it now. Storing the Konmari way has changed my life as well as many others.

Help your Mistress get organized! She will thank you for it!

Offer to Help Your Mistress

by Mistress Daphne | Femdom Podcast