My little sissy…lol what can I say? She knows I love her to pieces. She has this adorable way of acting like she is shy and sometimes even a little fearful of my cock, but in the end, she always ends up on her knees begging for it. You may have even read how Duchess Willow and I pass this little sissy slut back and forth! She calls my dick her yummy ? and she’s going to probably squirt her panties when she reads this. Hahaha!

I love to fuck my little sissy, but sometimes I’m in the mood to have something long and thick stretching my ass, too. Sissy knows that her sissy nub could never do anything for me. So, what’s a girl to do? I cuckold my little sissy.

Cuckolding is a good way to reinforce feminization and emasculation of a sissy. It reminds them why they will FOREVER be feminized and emasculated. That there is no chance they will ever be man enough for me.

Sissy Cuckold Throws a Tantrum

by Princess Bethany | Femdom Podcast