Do you need to be submissive to Mistress? Is that an occasional need for a Femdom or is it a constant yearning?

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You’ve probably heard the term Lifestyle Mistress. There is a difference between Lifestyle kink and fantasy fetish play.  This distinction is perfect for Distance Domination where the role of a Mistress and her submissive is clarified by the boundaries of the exchange.

There are many people who are tired of the Alpha Male role in day to day life and find relief and solace in being controlled by a Superior Woman.

In this podcast, Experienced Mistress Olivia explores what it means to be submissive and the variety of interactions between a Mistress and her submissive.  Throw out your preconceptions.  Be prepared to open your mind and, maybe even your heart.  This is a journey between two people. This is the most intense erotic journey available — no matter how long you’re on the ride.


Submissive to Mistress

by Experienced Mistress Olivia | Femdom Podcast