Lol, talk about an in your face moment. But when exploring mistress breast worship, that’s exactly where you want them to be. My large, beautiful breasts in your face, where you can commit to memory every vein and curve. I want you to obsess over the way they bounce when you’re riding my cock, and the way they feel pressed into your back when I slide into your ass. So, let’s talk about ways you can worship your Mistress’ breasts.

When lavishing attention on your Mistress’ breasts, make sure you learn the different cues that she gives you, both verbal and non-verbal. Do her hands pull you closer and her moans get louder? Does her cock or pussy get wetter?

For me, the most sensitive part of my breasts is my nipples. I love to have them teased, licked, suckled and pinched. A firm slap to my breast followed by a nuzzle makes my girl-cock jump every time! For some women, however, nipple play can be overwhelming to the point of being uncomfortable, or their nipples may not be as sensitive. For this, very light touches and caresses can have a greater effect than more direct stimulation. Try soft kisses, tracing the areola, and warm breath and a light flick of the tongue over her nipples. It is important to explore and learn what pleasures your Mistress. If you are unsure of whether she likes something you’re doing, it’s always okay to ask.

Breast Worship

by Princess Bethany | Femdom Podcast