You don’t want to eat your cum. 

You don’t want to dip your finger in the oozing sweetness of precum glistening on the tip of your penis.

Your cock is NOT rock hard with fantasies of stroking exactly how I tell you to and your mouth is NOT watering at the thought of cumming on your face while I watch on cam.

Watching your precum ooze out of the tip of your cock doesn’t make you want to smear it on your hand and rub it on your face. But look at how yummy it looks. So creamy.

Maybe just one taste won’t hurt. Mmm and just maybe your mouth DOES water for a taste of that sweet dribble of jizz.  Just a little taste from the tip of your cock.

You want it.. you need it.

That overwhelming urge to play with that sticky yummy cum.

You want to taste your cum and you certainly DO want to eat your cum for me. So here’s your chance stroker.

Are You a Cumeater?

by Princess Alyssa | FemdomPodcast