Fucking Off With Brighton

Mistress Brighton wants to help you get a sexy texting session! 1-800-601-6975

I want you to have a good time, and I know you want to have a good time, when you do phone sex or texting sessions. So here’s a handy dandy guide to getting what you want, and a mildly more polite version (rude is my preferred default… *evil laugh*) of the “not so nice” Mean Mistress Guided to sexy texting. Which…. I’m not sorry for, but since I’d rather make you cry in session, as opposed to crying before you even set up a session, here’s the alternate guide in podcast form. You’re welcome to read that blog, and then call me at 1-800-601-6975 or schedule a sexy texting session so that I can berate you with my keyboard. Either way, we are here to help you… even if it is via tough love. My email for texting inquiries and custom audios is brighton@enchantrixempire.com and if you want one of my phone sex audios click the link!

Sexy Texting 101 - How To Connect For A Texting Session

by Ms. Brighton | Femdom Podcast