Have you ever thought about why you like being told how to touch yourself? Ever wondered what’s going on with your need to be seen, especially while your cock is hard? Turns out there’s a scientific reason why you’re a total slut for masturbation instructions, and a little bit of an exhibitionist when you’re horny. Whore School with Harper covered masturbation instructions recently, and you should give it a listen, any time, on demand! But, if you’re just not into listening to a sexy woman talk about your cock… you’re in the wrong place! Go give the show a listen, you’ll learn something about yourself!

Do you love masturbation instructions?

Harper Masturbation Instructions 800 601 7259There’s no surprise to the Ladies of the Empire that of course you love being told how to touch your cock. Look at yourself and your life honestly, and be man enough to admit that you do love stroking yourself to the gleeful direction of a sexy woman. We understand your needs and desires, on an instinctive level, even if the Lady in question hasn’t read the studies referenced in the podcast. It doesn’t take a doctoral thesis to know that you enjoy masturbation instructions simply because they feel good! The deeper implications for your psyche don’t need to be explored every time you want a quick wank, after all.

Come show us your cock!

You can arrange a cam session on Skype very easily. Drop me an email (harper@enchantrixempire.com) so I can make sure all the technology is lined up in a row, and you can be jerking off while I watch faster than you’d believe! I’d suggest you also make certain your cam and microphone are working well with Skype before your session; no one likes an interrupted masturbation session (well, I do, but that’s when we start to talk about ruined orgasms and orgasm denial, and if that’s something you’d like, definitely hit me up!) Are you ready to show me your dick and jerk off to my command?

Let me play with your cock.

Your Masturbation Instruction Mistress, Harper

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