Happy Pride Month! I know we’re a bit into the month already, but we like to celebrate the entire month, not just the couple of weekends worth of parties. For those of you who were unaware, the Enchantrix Empire and LDW Group are and always have been welcoming, inclusive, and diverse! From our sissies to our crossdressers, to Leather Folx and more, if your gender and sexuality are a little bit not exactly cis het normative, you’re in the right place. The ladies who host podcasts for us, like myself, are welcoming, open, and accepting (and highly educated about your sexual quirks!), and willing to share all they know with listeners. Buckle up for a Pride Podcast Retrospective as we explore the queer podcasts you might have missed!

The Weekly Hot Spot brings you smart, sexy, hot fun each week!

The Weekly Hot Spot with Erika and OliviaHosted by Ms Erika and Ms Olivia, the Weekly Hot Spot often brings in guests to talk about all sorts of fun topics. In fact, for Pride Month they asked me to come talk about queer identities, the split attraction model, and a little bit on pronouns, too. We covered some queer history and some basic vocabulary for talking about queer and gay identities. Give it a listen, and then hit the rest of the Hot Spot catalog for some really fun and educational episodes. The runtime is right at 30 minutes, which makes this podcast a great choice for that much needed brain break in the mid-afternoon.

Ebony Femdom Phone Sex With The Duchess takes you to church, school, and back home again.

Black Femdom Phone Sex with the DuchessThe delightful Duchess Willow brings us a lesson for Pride Month on respect and boundaries. At an easy 17 minute listen with Ms Willow’s voice in your ear, you’ll learn about minding your own business, keeping your opinions out of other people’s identities, and why a call with the Ladies will leave you feeling supported, seen, and valued. Some people out in the world do indeed love to flap their lips on other people’s personal business, and the Duchess will explain to you exactly why those other folks opinions are worth exactly what you paid for them. Nothing, in case that wasn’t clear! Listen to Pride Month and Diversity in Phone Sex!

Whore School with Harper is my podcast, and there’s too much to choose from!

Whore School with HarperThe general format for Whore School is conversational and educational. A live podcast with audience participation, Whore School airs on Sunday nights at 11 pm Eastern, and you can join the chat to have your opinions heard and questions answered. Episode number three hundred and fifty one was this years Pride Vocabulary and Introduction, and yes, you read that number correctly. Give the back catalog a listen, there’s tons of good LGBTQIA+ content, because across all eight years of the podcast’s history I’ve been actively working to bring acceptance and support to the queer kinky community! Crave more? I have a blog!

The Happy Hour with Kay Marie hosted a special episode for Pride Month!

If you missed Kay Marie’s Pride Special you really missed out! The Happy Hour with Kay Marie is another of the live podcast experiences we have on Cock Radio, airing at 8 pm Eastern on Tuesdays! Head on over to the Happy Hour, and have some fun with your hostess, and don’t forget that Kay Marie has a blog, too!




Pride Podcast Retrospective? We live it every day!

Pride is a way of life and a glorious way to exist; there is no shame in being who you are, loving who you want, and every single sexual urge you have is good and clean and holy. Ok, most of your urges are good, you know which ones you should blush over. LDW Group has been providing excellent kinky and queer phone sex for over two decades, and this entire time we’ve always been inclusive as fuck. Sissies and cocksuckers are always welcome here, and if you transition and embrace your life as a proud out woman, we’ll celebrate with you, too! Listen to some of the Pride Podcasts from this year, and previous years too, and explore our blogs to see the proof. We’re queer friendly and always have been, no need for wild Rainbow Capitalism that disappears like a mirage on July 1st. We have always embraced your sexuality and gender through phone sex!

When you call in for a session, if you’d like to have our dispatchers and the Mistresses use a pronoun that isn’t generally associated with your billing name, just let us know! In fact, if your chosen name and the name on your billing information don’t match, ask us to use the name that makes your heart sing and we will. All our dispatchers are committed to providing you with excellent customer service, and that includes using the pronouns you desire, the name that makes you smile, and any other little details that will make you squirm in bliss. Just tell your dispatcher! And if you’re not ready, that’s ok too. Tell your Mistress what name or pronouns you’d like used, no matter who you call, and she’ll honor your identity and innermost self (even if that’s just for fifteen minutes at a time!)

Happy Pride Month!

Your Pride Podcast Mistress, Harper

Harper wishes you a happy Pride Month!